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Maresce is the founder of The Heir Foundation and CEO of Heir Generation.

Born and raised in South Africa and Australia. Maresce grew up around diverse social structures which exposed her to both extreme wealth and severe poverty. She observed that people were defined, not by who they were, but by their status and hierarchy. This instilled in her a deep sense of empathy for the so called ‘lower-class’ or less fortunate. She observed how a division was created due to status - leaving no opportunity, education or freedom for them. A loss of unity and togetherness had developed amongst sections of humanity, resulting in an alarmingly unbalanced world, and creating uncertainty of what the future may look like.

From a young age, Maresce looked at life with a different pair of eyes. She believed that she was the creator of her own destiny, and her appreciation for human rights unveiled her desire to make a difference in the world. ‘It’s not where you come from in life, but where you are going’ says Maresce.

After completing her degree and then competing on an international level in hairdressing and fashion, and winning countless awards - Maresce felt that she lacked adventure and developed a desire to travel and see more of the world. At 22, Maresce decided to pack her bags and left the comfort of her family, home, her friends and career, to venture off to London in search of herself. In Australia the Aborigines would call this ‘walkabout’ - the spiritual awakening!

And that is how her journey began in London.

Maresce loved making people look and feel beautiful. One of her ambitions was to train with Vidal Sassoon as she admired Vidal’s philosophy, his vision, and his determination to create change – she looked up to him as a mentor. After training with Vidal, she went on to open her own business as she wanted to make her mark in the hairdressing industry by creating her own vision and story. She wanted to revolutionise hairdressing by looking at it from an inner beauty point of view, rather than just an external enhancement.


Maresce says “It was a challenging feat to try to change this way of thinking. For years, people have been taught one approach by the hairdressing industry, but I thought  - Well, if Vidal can do it. Why can’t I?”.

After reading all of Richard Branson’s books (another entrepreneur she admires), Maresce took a leap of faith and opened her first business -  Jamm Hair. Jamm proved to be the first stepping stone, bringing her closer to actualising her dream. It was during this time Maresce became aware of her passion for business, but she also realised there was a need to help the young generation. Many of her apprentices at Jamm were from broken homes, where they didn’t have the support system to help them follow their dreams. She observed that there was little to no help available, and these youngsters were frequently overlooked by the system, and this in turn had affected their confidence, self-esteem, and ability to make strong decisions

So Maresce designed Heir Generation (www.heirgeneration.com). A business and platform for the youth to see their full potential and rely on a support system to develop themselves, not only as great entrepreneurs, but as strong leaders. “It’s about creating a different blueprint for them, teaching them that they are responsible for their own lives” explains Maresce.


“Heir Generation is a place where the youth can feel free to express themselves, where we empower them to be the best that they can be. After completing their studies, they feel a huge sense of achievement and feel empowered to go out into the world and conquer anything. It’s a salon of courage and hope” explains Maresce.

The Heir Foundation is the expansion of Heir Generation - giving youngsters from an even more impoverished background, opportunities to create a brighter future.

Maresce is passionate about what she does and believes that education is our opportunity to give an irrevocable gift to the next generation.

Heir Foundation dedication Ma Green

I dedicate the Heir Foundation project to my Grandma
‘Colleen Blanch Green’. The exemplification of a strong, empowered woman.

A woman of very few words, but when spoken, the most powerful.
Her traditions, values and beliefs define her grace.
A true Goddess. My Inspiration. my Heroine. Thank you Ma x

With love


Meet the Trustees


Being the mother, friend and guardian angel of Maresce has not been an easy task, I can assure you. She was the most complicated, curious and strong-willed child - and still is! She questioned everything ‘But Mummy why? Why?’.  She pushed all boundaries and did not believe in doing anything any other way than her own.

A born leader and humanitarian, always fighting for her rights and the rights of others, she believed in freedom of thought and she would express every bit of it! We called her ‘the wild child’.

Whilst people built their wings and then jumped off the mountain. Maresce jumped off the mountain first and then built her wings on the way down!

Maresce always had this immense compassion for others. Her kind nature meant she always wanted to help others in need - she would share everything she had. People from all walks of life were attracted to her, and she loved them for who they were no matter their status, creed or culture.

When she was a little girl her favourite movie was ‘Annie’; she used to drive us crazy because she would watch it every day after school. One day she said to me ‘Mummy, one day I want to open an orphanage, so I can help all the sad children’.

Maresce is a strong minded, determined young woman. When she puts her mind to something there is no stopping her! She gives her whole heart. Her flaws are what make her human, and her striving for perfection that makes her extraordinary. She is a light in darkness.

Maresce will be a great role model for these young women because she is real. She will teach them that weakness is not failure, but the strength that builds your character. She will teach them to never give up and to always believe in themselves. She is a true example of what it takes for someone who has fought for her dream despite all odds. I believe in her ability to create a positive change and bring these young people hope.

I am proud to be a part of this project and one of the trustees. I look forward to the development of the Heir Foundation and give my full support to making this a reality.


Terry Georgiou left school at just 16 to join the family business due to his family suffering the loss of his father, leaving him the responsibility of the business and being the man of the home - and the only bread winner. A difficult feat for such a young man. However, it was in this moment that Terry used his unfortunate situation as his motivation and building block to become a successful business man.

Through determination and hard work his skills within the dry-cleaning industry began to be recognised. Within a few years, his services were being used by the film industry and all the major television companies. Many of the west end theatre productions relied heavily on his services. His high-profile clients, including members of the royal family, read like a who’s who of the London glitterati.

Whilst running his family business, he began to invest in the property market. His extensive knowledge and focused approach enabled him to build an impressive property portfolio. His ability to spot opportunities has facilitated his expansion of investments.

At this point Terry realised his passion for the property market, project management and investing which led to his decision to sell the family business and follow his dream.

An opportunity presented itself for him to invest in two properties which he amalgamated and redeveloped and turned into one of London’s most reputed restaurant/bars and night club called Aquum.

Aquum revolutionised the night time culture in south west London, immediately earning him London’s best new bar award. Since its inception Aquum continues to win awards every year.

Terry then went on to invest and create the Jam Tree, Fu Man Chu and many more business enterprises. He has an active role in all of his business as he believes that the key to a successful business is to nurture and grow them from start to finish. He is not just a business owner, but a role model and mentor for all of his staff, and encourages them to be the best they can be despite their circumstances and to always follow their dreams.

Terry and Maresce have a long-serving friendship and he has been involved in the Heir Foundation project since its infancy. He is inspired by Maresce’s tenacity and adoration to empower the next generation and his philanthropic nature encourages Maresce to pursue her dreams, so she can help others to live theirs. His enthusiasm and knowledge will assist in all aspects of the foundation. As one of the trustees he will oversee the Heir Foundation project, to ensure that the initialisation and implantation of the programme runs smoothly enabling the foundation to fulfill all its objectives.



Back in 1995, Siobhan recognised a gap in the market for designated co-ordinators to help couples through the wedding planning process saving them time, money and disappointment. Siobhan is acknowledged in the industry as the UK’s first Wedding Planner.

Siobhan is now established as one of the UK’s leading wedding co-ordinators. Her beautiful weddings have featured in Hello, OK! and many bridal magazines in various countries around the world. Her famous clients include Joan Collins, Barbara Windsor, Greg Kinnear, Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck, Des O’Connor and Ronni Ancona.

She was GMTV’s resident wedding expert and featured on the show for the Interactive wedding (2002-2006) where she designed various aspects of a wedding for the viewers to vote on.

Siobhan writes for various wedding magazines and is frequently requested as a speaker at business seminars and wedding shows. She is also frequently hired as a consultant for wedding related TV and radio shows, new venues and other suppliers within the wedding industry.

In 2005 she launched her DVD, ‘From This Day Forward’, a guide to planning the perfect wedding.

In 2013, with two of her industry colleagues, she founded National Association of Wedding Professionals; an association promoting professionalism and integrity within the UK Wedding Industry. The association has gone from strength to strength, boasting a high calibre membership and starting to be regarded as a benchmark for professionalism within the UK industry.

Siobhan now spends some of her time guest lecturing to Event Course/Degree students at various colleges and universities in London.

Siobhan says ‘I am thrilled to be a trustee for the Heir Foundation. I have known Maresce for over 10 years and have always been impressed by her philanthropic nature and quest to help people through her talent.

I think the Heir Foundation will provide the perfect platform for these girls and women of the tea picking plantations to further their education, develop skills and create an exciting future for themselves. It’s about developing a skill that will benefit their society, and at the same time, give them an income and purpose.

It’s not about trying to change the culture or their way of life, it’s about improving it and embracing something that is important to them.

I am involved with the education programme and have written the business modules to help these women with the day to day running of a business (whether it be a school, sole trader or salon). It is important that they are confident with clients, know how to present themselves with confidence and understand the minutiae of the business they will be a part of.

I think the Heir Foundation offers so much opportunity for them; on completion of their training, they can decide to be mobile hair and make-up artist, teach at the Foundation or work within the salons we hope to eventually open once we have sufficient graduates.

I feel so blessed to enjoy my career and work, I have found something that I love doing and fulfills me. I want that for these girls.



Julia Hilger-Ellis is the Managing Director/Owner of a number of companies including Medical Aide Memoire, JHE Management Ltd and ALS bootcamp.

Julia is highly experienced in business management and company leadership.

She has a passion for continuous professional development and adult education and learning.

Prior to starting her first company over 10 years ago she managed adult education and learning department for British Airways, setting up learning centers and developing the BA Quest brand globally.

She also managed the learning and development budgets, commissioning learning for 14 PCTs and Acute Trusts including the ambulance service for a London Health Authority, focusing on allied health care professionals and non registered clinical workforce.

Running a number of her own companies, she now advises on and manages large transformational programmes as well as specialist project portfolios for a number of clients including national multi-service programmes. She specialises in programme turnaround and introducing technology in very complex and challenging environments.

She is an International Advisory Board member for the Cyber Rescue Alliance and as a practitioner of De Facto programme management is also on the board of a Programme Management Academy.

Julia has been working with a number of charities in the past including Hope for Konya in Kenya which she worked on from conception, applying her knowledge of business management as well as programme/project and planning management. She has a also degree in African Studies and Art from the School of Oriental and African Studies and is multilingual. Julia has worked and travelled extensively in Asia and Africa. She also manages a number of social media accounts and pr activities not just for her own companies but also for a number of her clients. Her excellent communication skills and expertise combined with passion for learning and business acumen enables her to support the heir foundation in a number of areas.

Julia and her husband Crispin, who provides the graphic design and visual support for the charity, have been working with Maresce for a number of years and become close friends. They both are enthused by Maresce’s drive and passion to help the young women on the tea plantations. Julia and Crispin are delighted to be able to support the Heir Foundation in turning its vision into reality and to make a difference for the communities in Sri Lanka.



Meet the Team


Faharna Hussain (aka Fiz) is Maresce’s best friend and the back bone of the Heir Generation. She was one of Maresce’s first students, 11 years ago. She is now the manageress of Heir Generation and the educator for the Heir Academy.

Fiz comes from a very solid Pakistani family who have encouraged her to develop strong family values, and her self-belief system is what defines her beauty. She has a dedicated work ethic and her passion for hair and beauty is infectious. Fiz will be one of the main educators in Sri Lanka and will ensure that the education programme is executed to the highest level.

Fiz is looking forward to giving these young women a fresh outlook on life. Coming from a cultural background herself gives her the compassion and understanding of their situation which will make her an inspiring paragon.


Kate Hughes has established her reputation as a well loved and respected makeup artist for over two decades. She has worked with a huge array of celebrities, leading actors, presenters, musicians and models for editorial, advertising, commercial, television and privately commissioned work. Kate is regularly commissioned to work on photographic shoots and works with a variety of private international clients, which has enabled her to travel to fantastic locations all over the world.

Kate also specialises in bridal hair and makeup and is a renowned in the wedding industry and works with leading wedding planners to beautify brides and bridal parties around the world. Kate and her highly sought-after team of hair and makeup artists have been working with brides and bridal parties for over twelve years, and possess a huge wealth of experience and knowledge in this area. They also transform women for special occasions and red-carpet events and offer bespoke makeup lessons. Kate originally trained as a hair stylist over thirty years ago and is fully qualified in all aspects of hairdressing.

Kate also possesses vast experience in television. She co-presented a magazine-style program entitled ‘Hype’ on BBC Choice and was a guest presenter on QVC UK for four years as the brand ambassador for Lord & Berry presenting their product launches. She has also worked on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing television program.

Kate says ‘I feel so privileged to be involved with this amazing charity from the very start and was honoured to be asked to be a part of the Heir Foundation after meeting Maresce in February 2017.

Maresce’s vision, drive and total passion for the idea of training to give back to a deserving community really inspired me. I think the charity needs what I can offer as I am passionate about teaching and am dedicated to bringing out ‘hidden beauty’ and improving the lives of disadvantaged women through kindness and compassion. I feel so strongly about giving back, and I really wanted to make a bigger impact rather than just donating. I’m looking forward to providing a positive contribution to these deserving women in a creative way which will maximise their potential and success.

I don’t believe in excuses, I believe in choices. It doesn’t matter what you do - just do it’.



Michael Acton Smith OBE is the co-founder and co-CEO of Calm.com. The Calm app has been downloaded over 15 million times and helps alleviate some of the most important mental health issues of the 21st century - stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Prior to Calm, Michael was the founder of Mind Candy and creator of Moshi Monsters, the online world for children that grew to 80 Million registered users and expanded offline into books, toys, games, magazines, music and movies.  Michael is also the founder of Firebox.com, Ping Pong Fight Club and Berwickstock music festival. In 2014 he was awarded an OBE for services to the Creative Industries.

Michael is an esteemed friend and client of Maresce and finds her enthusiasm to make a difference in the world refreshing. Michael is honoured to be part of the Heir Foundation project and is looking forward to investing his time, knowledge and skills to develop and empower the next generation.

For further information on Michael go:


After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst and Young in South Africa in 2004 Roché moved to Dublin after accepting a role with KPMG Financial Services and subsequently to London in 2006 to pursue a career in banking. Her career has included roles at UBS Commodities, RBS - Sempra Commodities and JP Morgan Commodities before joining Deutsche Bank in 2011 where she has worked in various positions in Foreign Exchange, Treasury and Asset Management. She is currently CFO for a fund platform in the Equities division.

Growing up in South Africa provided exposure to the desperate need of those living in poverty around her and instilled in her a deep empathy and charity for those less fortunate. In particular, the plight of children and women with no support and little opportunity in Africa inspires great sadness and a desire to help. Throughout her high school years she was a member of the charity club that provided support to local orphanages. She currently supports a micro-loan organisation called Lend with Care which provides financial support to men and women around the world to develop and build sustainable enterprises. Every two years Deutsche Bank selects charities of the year to partner with, raising millions through events supported by DB employees, and Roché is a keen supporter of these events.

Roche says ‘I met Maresce about 10 years ago when Maresce took ownership of JAMM Hair and we have become firm friends over the years, sharing a common heritage and desire to do good. Maresce’s limitless energy, enthusiasm, dynamism and sheer determination is a constant inspiration to me and so it was a natural 'yes' to agree to join Maresce’s journey with this foundation.


Ami Nielsen is the Founder and Head Coach of The Career Transitions Coach (CTC), specialising in personal leadership and career transition. Her area of special interest is in helping her clients fulfil their personal and career potential while still maintaining a sense of work-life balance.

Ami has over 20 years senior management experience developing and mentoring staff while working at various companies in London, Tokyo and Singapore.

Her vast international business and life experience allows her to tap into the cultural nuances to bring the best out of any cross-cultural environment. Ami is Danish-Filipina, grew up in Japan, and graduated from Brown University in the US.

Today, Ami coaches and mentors people who dream of a better, more meaningful approach to work and life. Using the BRIDGE METHOD TM, Ami and her team help clients clarify their direction and show them how to manage the ups and downs of transitioning to a career they’ll love and a life that aligns with who they are.

Ami’s work and holistic approach stem from her experience in business, her work as a NLP practitioner, reflexologist and yoga instructor as well as her study of counselling and psychotherapy. This holistic and blended approach is incorporated into Ami’s workshops. In a world gone digitally mad, Ami’s workshops are often unplugged with a focus on mindfulness via movement and creativity.

‘I am delighted to be involved with developing the personal development modules of the Heir Foundation educational programme. Having worked with Maresce since the inception of her vision on a blank wall in her flat in London all those years ago, I know Maresce embodies ‘the change she wants to see’. To witness the realisation of the Heir Foundation is the single most empowering educational tool we have to motivate the young women about whom she cares deeply. I couldn’t be more humbled to be part of her vision.’




Shirley “Shirleybelle” Corrigan considers herself priviliged to have enjoyed a full international acting career, having studied and performed with some of the greatest film and theatre talents of the highest acclaim.

On the stage from the early age of nine, Shirley has danced and sung in various musicals. After classical training and some repertory, she was soon to be chosen to perform with The Marlowes of Cambridge University in the UK, followed by a contract with the British Council to perform in Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov, as well as The Sound of Music throughout Europe.

The great Italian theatre director Georgo Strehier requested Shirley to play a character in his revised Threepenny Opera at the Piccolo Theatre in Milan. She then turned to pscychodrama in Brazil and worked and studied alongside Augusto Boal, founder of Psycho Drama, in The Theatre of the Oppressed.

She took The Theatre of the Oppressed to Calcutta where she spent 5 years studying the condition of cerebral palsy, working closely alongside Mother Teresa, Mc. It was Mother Teresa who informed Shirley that she should work with children for the rest of her life, and to continue her acting career.

Shirleybelle was chosen to work alongside HRH. Princess Grace, and her many charities.

Shirleybelle went on to open her own Montessori schools in the UK, specialising in elocution.

She feels honoured to be part of the Heir Foundation and looks forward to designing the Elocution programme.




Emma began her teaching career in the depths of South London in 2000, and over the course of the following 17 years has taught over 500 children. From teaching in large inner London schools to leading a small rural school in East Sussex, with a stint in Australia thrown in for good measure, her experience is widely varied.  Emma became a head teacher in 2015 adding further depth and skills to her understanding of education.

In 2016 Emma decided to embark on a life and career change and retrained as a yoga teacher. She currently runs a yoga and creative retreat venue in Italy, with her partner.

Emma has vast knowledge and experience of successful teaching, managing and leading educational settings and is keen to continue using and contributing her expertise - supporting and advising the foundation will be a great asset to the team.

Emma says, ‘As an educational professional, I have always been firmly committed to the idea of meaningful education as a means of redressing the imbalance in society and to support in this way and to work with many like-minded people is both a privilege and extremely exciting.

As a long standing customer of Maresce, and at one point a yoga teacher to her hairdressing trainees, I have always been struck by Maresce’s tenacity and enthusiasm for everything she puts her mind to. With a friendship that spans many years now, I never felt I was just getting my hair cut: wide ranging, heartfelt, visionary conversations would always be on the menu - an aspect that I recall fondly and fully appreciate and I feel honoured to be a part of this next stage.  Over the years, from what I have seen of how Maresce champions her UK trainees and supports them throughout their training, I know this is a worthwhile, sincere and life changing opportunity - for all involved (and I include myself in that!).




Melanie Bollay is an interior designer from Durban in South Africa, who has a passion for design and innovation. She has worked in the industry for 12 years and has experience in commercial, educational, residential and corporate interiors.

In each project she finds an opportunity to deliver solutions that meet every client’s unique requirements - both financial and creative. Her best work is delivered through turnkey project management including:  conceptual design, the look & feel of a space and presentation of proposed designs, working drawings, detailed drawings and specification documents.

In 2013, with one of her industry colleagues, she founded Square I Design, an interior design company specialising in commercial design which trades in Durban.

Melanie is very excited to be involved with the Heir Foundation and their mission to help the girls of the tea plantations. Melanie will assist in finding the perfect premises for the college. Once a suitable building is found, she will head up the process of designing the space to suit the girls’ needs, and produce an education space that they will find comfortable. Once the design process is complete, she will produce the design package for the appointed builders to ensure it is a space that will make the girls feel ‘at home’.

She is humbled to be a part of this journey with the Heir Foundation and is ready to use her skills and knowledge in the Interior Design Industry to aid the project. She will follow the project from concept to implementation and is very excited to provide an inspirational but fun space for the girls.




Gina Ashley began her career in 2003 as an apprentice to a master craftsman at Cartier London. She studied there for 4 years and became a Freeman of the City through service. Gina and her master (her father Peter Ashley) were privileged to be asked to meet Prince Charles at the Goldsmith Hall in February 2005.

In 2007 she won gold in the Craftsman and Design award. Gina carried on working at Cartier for another 2 years after her apprenticeship until she decided to venture out alone and start up her own business.

Gina’s Mayfair-based business undertakes work for Bond Street stores such as Cartier, Georg Jensen and Harrods as well as private clients.

In 2015 Gina decided she wanted to take on a student who needed extra support and pass on the skills she had acquired over the last 12 years. Carys began working for Gina at 16, after years of rehabilitation and hospitalisation due to mental illness. Carys has since grown in confidence and flourished in her new work environment. She has recently been discharged from all psychiatric services.

Gina feels privileged to be involved in the Heir Foundation and is excited to see it grow and flourish into a charity that will better the lives of so many young women.

Gina firmly believes in bringing opportunities to those who want to broaden their skills and develop their talents to improve their chances of employment and to benefit their mental health. Opportunities that create a vocation and develop a passion - something that offers so much more than just being a job.



Sonia Allen is an Educationalist, Project Manager, Teacher trainer and Foster carer. She holds a MA in Educational Management and currently works at a senior level as an educational consultant setting up new schools in the UK.

Her experience of teaching teachers is her strength and passion. Apace with her profession Sonia is an undoubted Good Samaritan, opening her heart and home to foster the youth. She gives them the stability of a loving home, the nurturing of a mother and the tools to develop life skills that will empower them throughout their journey.

Sonia has a keen interest in vocational learning and is one of the trustees of the Tea Leaf Trust, delivering professional development annually for the teaching team. This sets a precedent, ensuring our teachers and students obtain educational programmes and mentoring of the highest quality. Sonia is enthusiastic about her involvement in The Heir Foundation project and looks forward to supporting the team to grow to its full potential.



Heir Foundation Education Programme

To Launch Hair Skills Initiative to

Empower Young Women of the Sri Lankan Tea Estates.

Bridal Beauty

Designing a beauty programme to compliment the bridal make up. Eyelash extensions, henna tattooing, threading, waxing, nails etc.

Accessory Design

Designing a hair accessory programme teaching how to make Bridal accessories, both theory and practical.


Designing an exercise, meditation and healthy living programme which will be implemented into the students daily routine.

Success & Ethics

Personal development and ethos


Developing the students speech and ability to communicate

Business Studies




Social Media

Human Resources




Health & Safety

Regulations and procedures


What is the Educational Programme?

The Heir Foundation educational and vocational program will encourage the young women of Sri Lanka to take this opportunity to learn and develop new skills both on a personal and business level. The program will be designed by our UK Education Team who will design a syllabus for each subject that will be taught through out the year. The students will sit an exam after every course and then showcase their work at the end of the year graduation.

How will we execute the educational programme in Sri Lanka?

The trainers and educators will have undertaken the full programme with us in the UK, before returning to Sri Lanka to train the students alongside our volunteers from the UK who will be travelling there throughout the year to do workshops.

Subjects included in the Education Programme?

  • Bridal Hair
  • Bridal Make-up
  • Bridal Beauty
  • Accessory Design
  • Well-being
  • Success & Ethics
  • Elocution
  • Business Studies
  • Health & Safety

Bridal Hair

Designing a hairdressing programme teaching technique and skills on how to do bridal hair both theory and practical.

Bridal Make-Up

Designing a make-up programme teaching technique and skills on how to do bridal make-up, both theory and practice.


What We Need and Why

We have set up a sponsorship option of £50 per month for each student. The concept has been proven very successful for other charities as it provides ongoing support for the recipients.

Corporate sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship is essential to the success of Heir Foundation. Whilst ‘Sponsor a Student’ benefits the students and their families directly and the fund raising events will raise essential funding to cover the charity’s ongoing costs for year 2 onwards, the corporate sponsorship provides the critical funding for the initial start up of the project, the school and the building. The initial costs, as detailed in this book, are based on the capital required to develop the infrastructure and building in the first year.

Once students qualify they are also able to work in the salon (part of the school) which will give them a wage. Any profits from the school salon will be reinvested in the project.

Over the next few years we will be looking at developing an infrastructure and creating opportunities for young women in education, health and other sectors to provide a platform for self-sufficiency.

We believe that your investment will not just benefit the students, but also the local community, and with that supports the social responsibility objectives your organisation/company is committed to.

We want to work with you and your organisation/company for the benefit of these communities and raise awareness. We will do so by working with you on media and communication opportunities, as well as utilising social media. We will also provide progress reports for your stakeholders and shareholders to keep them informed on progress and to engage them in the vision and objectives we achieve together.

The initial start up costs for the Heir Foundation has been budgeted at £100k. This funding is required for the set up and year 1 of the project. The budget was developed with  guidance from the trustees and covers our aspirations and plans to grow the charity and sustain the project.

Local fundraising

We aim to raise money through local events including raffles, online options, sponsorship and donations. Initially the charity and its first project were launched at the inauguration event in April 2017, introducing The Heir Foundation to the public and to initiate the first fundraising drive. Since then a number of raffles have also supported the initiative.

Further events are planned with the aim to increase awareness and raise funds, which will be held on a regular basis. The aim of these events is to ensure the Heir Foundation project is sustained and developed and on-going revenue is covered.

Sponsor a Student

We are now launching an option for individual sponsorship. To ‘Sponsor a Student’, people can pledge an amount each month to contribute to the individual’s well being. As these young female students will not be working on the plantations whilst undertaking their studies, their families stand to lose the desperately needed income generated. This in turn could result in them discouraging their daughters from embarking on the Heir Foundation programme. If this money (equivalent of £40 per month) is made available to the families, we are confident it will help with any concerns or alleviate negative attitudes towards the programme. We want to encourage them to see the beneficial outcomes for their daughters and their future opportunities.

The sponsorships will also pay for the travel (by bus) for each student, which is necessary as some students would have to walk for up to two hours to reach the centre.

I can do things you cannot,

You can do things I cannot,

Together we can do great things!


Mother Theresa .