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Cutting hair, growing futures!

Heir Foundation Initiative

To Launch Hair Skills Initiative to

Empower Young Women of the Sri Lankan Tea Estates.

From its outset, Heir Generation has been supporting disadvantaged young women in the UK, helping them to get ahead by providing both hair and business skill education through apprenticeships in the salon.


Heir Foundation, the charitable division of Heir Generation aims to extend this initiative by reaching out to disadvantage women on a global level. The vision of Heir Foundation is to provide vocational and business skills development to young women from impoverished backgrounds - to turn them into confident individuals who are independent, skilled and valued in their own communities.


After meeting with the Tea Leaf Trust, a UK registered charity which works with disadvantaged youth from the poorest tea plantations in Sri Lanka, Maresce went to see for herself to determine whether the Heir Foundation could provide relevant skills to empower the young women of these tea estates.


Apart from back breaking tea leaf picking, there is not much else to do - we want to offer an alternative.


Maresce explains: ‘The Tea Leaf Trust works with young people on the tea estates to provide them with an opportunity to develop skills which will help them and their families escape poverty and improve their position in Sri Lankan social structure. I am passionate about the work they do. Tea pickers (mainly women), and their families, are on the bottom strata of Sri Lankan society and are viewed with contempt, despite providing Sri Lanka’s main export - tea’.

The Tea Leaf Trust works on a variety of levels to provide key skills that enable young people to find work away from the tea estates. For a variety of reasons many girls cannot leave their community thus making it really difficult to find jobs, as there are no other job opportunities available to them.


We love what the Tea Leaf Trust is doing and want to add a new angle to their vocational training, and the Trust is very keen to partner with us. Their centre is based in a hugely popular area for wedding ceremonies for both the local people and tourists, but there are no hair and beauty salons in the locality and ‘mobile businesses’ are unheard of! We strongly feel that the Heir Foundation can support and extend the training the Tea Leaf Trust gives young women who in turn, will be able to provide new business services in this area. By providing business, entrepreneurship, and hair and beauty training, these girls will be empowered to start their own businesses, in their own communities. The future plans include a hair and beauty salon in the town with apprentices from our programme. We are really excited about the possibilities.



Is to create the opportunity to help youngsters realise their full potential, not only as hairdressers but as young leaders of tomorrow.



Heir means...

Honour, Empowerment, Individuality, Respect


The Heir Generation is a creation that is harmony based on mutual respect, sharing based on appreciation, a perception based on a mutual acknowledgment of plenty and a celebration of each other's presence based on an understanding that each one of us is a source of LOVE. It is a jointly created generation as each individual uses their own talents to enhance profound change and personal transformation, thus growing the metamorphosis of the Heir Generation ethos.




10% of all Heir Generation profits go to the Heir Foundation to help grow a brighter future for the next generation.

What is the Heir Foundation

The Heir Foundation is a UK charity and the charitable arm of Heir Generation.

The vision


To open a hair and beauty training salon in Nuwara Eliya District, Sri Lanka for young women who want to change their lives and therby create sustainable job opportunities.


Why Nuwara Eliya District?


  • Nuwara Eliya is the business centre for all the tea estates in Sri Lanka.
  • It is surrounded by 50+ tea estates where families are living in poverty.
  • It is a main stop on the tourist route, meaning great potential for future clients, volunteers and supporters.
  • The transport links make it accessible from other main tea estate towns such as Maskeliya (37 miles) allowing the girls to travel for the training.


Social issues affecting
Tea Estate women


  • 83% of the tea estate women suffer from domestic violence.
  • Over 80% of the tea estate men are alcoholics.
  • Sri Lanka has the 4th highest suicide rate in the world.
  • Deprivation - feeling of no future contributes to poor mental illness and depression.

Current employment situation


  • Exploitation on tea estates.
  • Exploitation as domestic servants in urban centres and the middle east.
  • Exploitation in shops.
  • Exploitation in garment factories.




  • Nuwara Eliya has a range of high-end hotels, bringing many foreign tourists into the area annually.
  • It is a very popular destination for internal tourism, including the affluent families.
  • Sri Lanka has a huge wedding culture, yet there are no specialist hair salons available.


How will the Heir Foundation help to improve the quality of life?


  • By providing them skills through a training and education programme.
  • Empowering them by awarding them a qualification.
  • Building their self worth and self esteem.
  • Offering them job satisfaction and job prospects.
  • Providing a better financial income to help their families; therefore reducing poverty within their community.
  • Giving them hope for a brighter future.



What is the Tea Leaf Trust?




  • We will be working in partnership with the Tea Leaf Trust, a charity specialising in English and business skills with young women and men from the tea estates.


  • They will provide guidance and oversight on the ground in Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka.


  • The Tea Leaf Trust has excellent links with the poorest tea estate communities and will ensure that the young women who engage with the Heir Foundation’s programme are the most vulnerable, but also are the most committed to changing their lives with our support.

The Tea Leaf Trust is a UK registered charity working in Sri Lanka, helping to improve opportunities through academic programmes. Improving emotional health through positive coping strategies. Improving self-worth and value through social transformation. Their vision is to empower through education.

Tim & Yas


2007, Tim and Yas went on honeymoon to Sri Lanka - a trip which changed their lives. Having been affected by the lack of life chances for the young people of the tea plantations, the couple set-up the Tea Leaf Trust charity and moved to rural Sri Lanka to establish a school.


Fast forward ten years, and the charity has helped over 80,000 members of the tea-picking community and is going from strength to strength under local

 management. Despite having to return to the UK in December 2012 due to visa restrictions, Tim and Yas remained committed to the project and gave strategic oversight as well as raising funds.

Tim, Yas and their daughter upped sticks and moved back to Sri Lanka in September 2017 to expand the project. Tea Leaf Trust now has two schools in Maskeliya and Nuwara Eliya. The project has over 1,000 alumni of whom 80% are in employment, training or further education. In addition to this, the charity runs part-time English programmes for 4,000 children and services projects that support over 15,000 community members each year.

Tim and Yas say ‘We are really excited to work in partnership with the Heir Foundation, as this will create more opportunity for the youth in Sri Lanka, and help to improve the lives of the young women there. We will be supporting the Heir Foundation with our experience of the area, giving guidance and helping to source the young women suitable for this project’.